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Homework 2/10-2/14

ALL Students have a reading assignment due on Friday! Students will read, "For Every Fruit, There is a Season". There are several questions to complete each night on the back. All answers need to be written in complete sentences. Students are doing a "Close Read" of this passage, and should read the passage each day to learn something new that they may have missed the first time. 

Monday- Improper Fractions Sheet

Tuesday- Improper/Mixed Number Sheet if it was not finished in class


*OPTIONAL Valentine Box due on Friday. :) 

Homework 2/3-2/7

Monday- Comparing Fractions with Unlike Denominators

Tuesday- MyMath pg. 527-528 even numbers only/students who did not finish their classwork need to complete this

Wednesday- No HW

Thursday- Finish the front side of equivalent fractions sheet and word problems A and B only on the back side. Students must show all work to find the LCM. 


We will have a Simplifying/Comparing Fractions Quiz on Friday 

Book Club

This is the last week of this round of Book Clubs! We are giving the students the option of completing the journal prompt given OR doing a free write about the book. If students choose to do the free write, it must still be a full page, and must include lots of text evidence to support their ideas. 

General statements such as, "I loved this book" or "It made me laugh" will not be accepted. General statements must be followed up with specific text details/examples to support ideas.  

February 3rd-February 14th


Important Dates: 

2/3- Moe's Spirit Night

2/5- World Read Aloud Day

2/12- Progress Reports (View online only through ParentVue)

2/14- Valentine Exchange and optional Valentine Box due (see note below)

Valentine Mailbox Contest- This is optional! Students may create a mailbox using a standard size shoebox. If students choose to bring Valentines, they must bring one for every student. 


We are learning about the differences between fiction and non-fiction texts. (Narratives vs. Information) One of the biggest differences is that non-fiction texts include text features that are not found in fiction texts. Take a look below!  Text features



We are still working on using Relative Pronouns correctly when writing a sentence. The 5 Relative Pronouns we focus on are who, whom, whose, that, and which

Relative pronouns 3


We are working on our second piece of Informational Writing. We are learning how to write to multiple texts to explain two topics. Students are comparing and contrasting Earth and Mars in their essays. 


We are learning about the Water Cycle! Students are bringing home a "Water Cycle in a Bag". This will NOT come back to school, and there is no specific assignment to go with it, just observation! 


  1. Fill the cup with water. (Add blue food coloring if you'd like!) Set the cup upright in the sand. 
  2. Close the bag most of the way. Use the straw to blow air into the bag, and then seal it shut. 
  3.  Place or hang the bag near a window.
  4.  Observe over the next week! Students should see the water cycle taking place. Water will evaporate, condense to form clouds/fog, water will drip back down as precipitation and soak into the sand (ground) or back into the cup (ocean/lake, etc.) for collection.
  5. Ask your child questions about what they see, and have them explain the different processes using the correct vocabulary words in bold above. 

Water cycle bag 1


We are deep into fractions!! We will continue to work on simplifying and comparing, and will move into converting fractions from improper to mixed numbers and vice versa. Next, will come addition and subtraction of fractions. 




Homework 1/27-1/31

Thursday - Parents, this is not mandatory, but in order to help our students study for their county math test, we are offering an incentive. If the students get their study guide reviewed and  signed by a parent or other responsible adult, they will receive cookies tomorrow. The parent should write the following and sign the test:

I have reviewed the study guide with my child.  

There is no other homework. 

Monday- Simplifying Fractions Sheet #2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 ONLY, and States of Water quiz tomorrow! Download States of Water Study Guide

Tuesday- Simplifying Fractions #11-17 only

There will be an equivalent fraction test on Wednesday. Students should use the math journals and the videos on the blog to study. 

Wednesday- Simplifying Fractions #1-4

Students began taking the math test today and many seemed to have forgotten the steps to making equivalent fractions. They will resume the test tomorrow, so they should use the opportunity to student tonight! 


Here is a pic of how to simplify!


Book Club Reading and Journal Response due Monday. Here is a samples response for Prompt 4!

Download Prompt 4 Sample Journal Response

Homework January 21st-24th

We are moving the States of Water quiz to Tuesday 1/28! 

Thursday - Almost all students finished the work in class, so there is no homework.  

Tuesday- Fraction Sheet

Wednesday- Equivalent Fractions Sheet (Students MUST show the work for how they found each equivalent fraction!)

Students have been given a study guide for the States of Water. We will have a States of Water Quiz on Tuesday, 1/28

Download States of Water Study Guide

Book Club Reading Assignment and Prompt #3 Due Monday, 1/27 (not for Read 180 students)

Download Prompt 3 Sample Journal Response

January 20th-January 31st

Important Dates: 

1/20- MLK Day, NO SCHOOL!

1/24- Winter Dance @ Hillgrove 6:30



Book Club Meeting 2 will be on Tuesday, 1/21! Please make sure your child come prepared with the reading assignment and journal complete!  (Not for Read 180 students)

We are continuing to work on non-fiction text structures. Text structure refers to how an author organizes information in the text. We have studied Cause and Effect, Problem-Solution, and Compare and Contrast texts. Over the next two weeks, we will wrap up by studying Order and Sequence, and Description text structures. 

Informational Text Structures Anchor Chart


We are learning about Relative Pronouns. 

Relative pronouns 3

Relative pronouns 1


Next week, we will wrap up our first informational text about a historical figure. Some students have already finished, and will be sharing their published copies with you via Seesaw! Next week, we will introduce how to write informational texts to passages. Students will be reading 2 passages, and then responding to an informational prompt. Students will use evidence from the passages to write their essays. 


We have finished our Ecosystem unit, and the students have worked hard to show what they know about food chains and food webs on their Ecosystems projects! Next, we are moving into our Water and Weather standards. We will start with learning the processes that cause the state of water to change. We will learn about the Water Cycle, and we will learn how meteorologists use many instruments to describe weather. Finally, we will learn how to read a weather map! 

States of water


Next week, we will continue to look at models and see how we can break them into equivalent fractions by grouping the pieces differently.  We will also move into the equation for finding equivalent fractions instead of just looking at models. Equivalent fractions can be made either by multiplying or dividing the numerator AND denominator of a fraction by the SAME number.

For example:          4/5 x 3/3 = 12/15               4/5=12/15               4/5 is equivalent to 12/15 

                                   10/15 รท 5/5 = 2/3               10/15=2/3              10/15 is equivalent to 2/3

We will also find equivalent fractions that may have a missing numerator or denominator. 

Homework 1/13-1/17

Friday - No homework.  Since there was a long weekend, and the students had been working on this skill for the whole week, they decided to take the quiz today.  Enjoy the long weekend!

Thursday - Fraction sheet if not completed in class.  

Wednesday - Math sheet not completed in class.  

Ecosystem Vocabulary Quiz Wednesday 1/15

Tuesday- Fraction Sheet

Week 2 Book Club Reading due Tuesday 1/21 (This is not for Read 180 students)

Download Character Traits List

Download Prompt 2 Sample Journal Response


Homework 1/6-1/10

Wednesday - Only a few students will have homework if they haven't finished their class work. The homework is over rectilinear figures.  

Tuesday - No Math Homework

Monday- No math homework :) 

Ecosystems Vocabulary Quiz- Wednesday 1/15

Download Ecosystems Vocabulary Quiz 1 Study Guide

Use this Quizlet to study! Ecosystems Vocabulary Games

The following information is only for students who are not in Read180/System 44:

Book Clubs: 

Our first Book Club meeting will be on Monday, January 13th. Students must complete the assigned reading as well as use the rubric to complete the weekly journal assignment. Students will receive a weekly reading grade based on the completion of the weekly reading/journal assignment (use the rubric!), as well as their participation in the Book Club meeting. Students must have completed ALL of the assigned reading, and must have a solid understanding of the story to receive full points. Please see the rubric for more information! 

Here is a sample response for Prompt 1: 

Download Prompt 1 Sample Journal Response


January 6th-January 17th

Happy new year

Important Dates: 

1/10- Report Cards available online

1/13- Book Club Meeting 1 (not for students in Read 180)

1/15- Ecosystems Quiz



(This information is not for students in Read 180)

This week, we will introduce the students to Book Clubs. Each student will be assigned a novel to read independently, and will meet weekly with a teacher and other students who are reading the same book to discuss the assigned chapters. Students will have a graded weekly reading assignment. We will be sending home permission forms this week. Please review your child's assigned book, the Book Club instructions, and sign/return the form by Friday 1/10.

Download Prompt 1 Sample Journal Response


Informational Text Structures refer to how a non-fiction text is organized. We will be studying 5 text structures and learning how to use graphic organizers to organize the information we read about. 

Informational Text Structures Anchor Chart


We are continuing to work on homophones and learning the different spellings for words that sound the same. 


The students are writing informational essays on historical figures in our social studies standards. We are working on drafting body paragraphs right now! 


Download Ecosystems Vocabulary Quiz 1 Study Guide


We are studying how energy flows through an ecosystem. Students will be learning how to describe the roles of consumers, producers and decomposers, as well as how energy from the sun flows through a food web/chain in an ecosystem. We will use this real world phenomenon to jumpstart our study, and we will refer back to it throughout the unit to discuss how seemingly small changes can drastically affect an ecosystem.




We will continue our work with finding the area of rectilinear figures for a few days.  This is a particularly difficult skill and we will continue to practice.  Starting at the end of the week and for the entirety of the coming nine weeks, we will be focusing on fractions.  Students should continue to work on their multiplication facts as this is an important skill necessary for working with fractions. 

Homework 12/16-12/20

There will be no homework this week!  However....